Lenton furnaces for extensometer stress testing at 800°C, 1100°C and 1500°C

These products have been specially designed to be fitted to a wide variety of other manufacturers' extensometer tensile and stress testing machines.  They have beend designed to suit the heated length and temperature uniformity reuqirements demanded by this industry.

For the maximum temperatures of 800°C and 1100°C the elements are spiral wire coils embedded into vacuum formed ceramic fibre half cylinders.  For use at the maximum temperature of 800°C, due to the relatively low temperature, three zone control is required which results in a very uniformly controlled central heated zone.  At the higher maximum temperature of 1100°C, three zone control is not required and single zone control results in an equally uniformly controlled central zone.  For the maximum temperature of 1500°C, the 6 silicon carbide double spiral elements are arranged symetrically around the stacked ceramic fibre board half cylnders which, when coupled with single zone control, results in a uniformly controlled central heated zone.

The split tube furnace allows easy loading and unloading of the sample and complete retraction when not required.

The furnace is normally supported via a 100mm diameter split bearing mounted around the machine cross head supports, but alternative mouting arrangements can be considered. 

The CSC 8/115/220 three zone furnace is supplied with a master centre zone temperature controller (Eurotherm 3508P1) and two slave end controllers (Eurotherm 3216CC), which respond to the master controller to creat the optimum uniformity.  The temperature controllers are located in a control box connected by 2m of flexible conduit, which allows it to be sited nearby.  The CSC 11/115/220 and CSC 15/115/220 single zone units are supplied with a single controller (Eurotherm 3216P1) located in a control box, also connected by 2m of flexible conduit.


Model  CSC 8/115/220 CSC 11/115/220 CSC 15/115/220
Maximum operating temperature (°C)  800 1100 1500
Maximum continuous operating temperature (°C)  750 1050 1450
Number of zones  3 1 1
Furnace bore (mm)  115 115 115
Heated length (mm)  220 220 220
Maximum power (kW)  2.2 2.2 5.0
Overall dimensions
(mm - height x diameter)
280 x 255

280 x 255

380 x 355



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