Debinding furnaces

Debinder furnace range

  • Range of 3 sizes
  • Heated zone of 600mm long over a single zone to accept a retort of 600mm internal diameter with a capacity of 6 cu.ft
  • Heated zone of 1250mm long over three zones to accept a retort of 600mm internal diameter with a capacity of 12 cu.ft
  • Heated zone of 1850mm long over a single zone to accept a retort of 600mm internal diameter with a capacity of 18 cu.ft
  • Maximum temperature 1000°C
  • Resistance wire spiral elements located in grooves on 2 sides of the chamber
  • Cylindrical stainless steel retort to contain controlled gas atmosphere
  • Honeywell DCP300 or Eurotherm 2408 programmer
  • Multiple control and overtemperature type N MI thermocouple options

Debinder furnace with cooling

  • Designed to remove binder under controlled atmosphere conditions Debinder furnace with cooling
  • Gas flow into the base of retort is controlled by two gas meters and the gas outlet is at the top of the retort
  • A cylindrical retort is used to ensure a high temperature seal
  • The retort body and diffuser plate are made of 310 stainless steel, with ends of 304 grade
  • The atmosphere seal is made within the hot zone
  • No surfaces are water cooled, therefore wax deposition will not occur
  • Removal of the retort is made easy by a linear actuator which opens the hinged furnace top to gain access
  • The access lid is equipped with an electric lift mechanism to assist cooling by being opened progressively from 600°C for faster cooling, and fully opened at around

Debinder furnace with forced cooling

  • Additional gas sealed heat exchanger option available
  • Independently trolley mounted, it will force cool the gas within a sealed retort, without reducing the atmosphere quality within the retort chamber
  • Exhaust gas heat exchanger allows hot gas to pass through the central body of the heat exchanger, which is cooled by re-circulating water
  • The re-circulated water is supplied by an air blown water cooled heat exchanger
  • An exhaust sealed suction fan pulls gas from the retort through the gas exhanger, through the fan and then back into the retort

Debinder furnace with afterburner

  • The whole system is designed to remove binder under controlled atmosphere conditions and then burn off the waste gases
  • The electrical burn off system is a high temperature metal tube through which all the gases pass
  • The 800°C operating temperature, length and diameter of this device have been designed to ensure an adequate dwell time to ensure burn off all binders
  • It is mounted above the main debinder furnace and wax trap from where uncondensed vapours are fed in


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