Clean room furnace

    Clean Room furnaceclean room furnace



  • Chamber furnace for heat treatment of metal or ceramic work pieces    
  • Over centre clamps secure the door to a steel surround, creating both thermal and gas seals, which prevent pressurised clean room air leaking into the furnace chamber
  • The insulated door opens outwards and sideways via a central pivot support, keeping the hot face away from the operator
  • Chamber dimensions: 460mm high x 460mm wide x 1060mm deep
  • Maximum temperature 1200°C, maximum recommended continuous operating temperature 1150°C
  • Element type: resistance wire coils supported in grooves in two side walls
  • Insulation: low thermal mass insulation combined with refractory brick hearth tile to support the load
  • Two zone temperature contol via dual display PID temperature controller/programmer with sixteen segments (type Eurotherm 2408CG) plus overtemperature alarm (type Eurotherm 2116)
  • Type R thermocouple
  • 415-240 volts three phase with neutral, 25A per phase, 16kW


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