EF - Laboratory chamber furnace : 1100°C

An economical, rapid heating and lightweight chamber/box furnace incorporating a one-piece low thermal mass heating element for general laboratory use.

The drop down door can be used as a shelf.

If your process generates significant amounts of corrosive fumes, please contact us with your application details.

Laboratory chamber furnace 
Model EF 11/8B
Maximum temperature (°C)  1100
Maximum continuous temperature (°C) 1050
Time to temperature (minutes) 25
Internal dimensions (mm - h x w x d) 155 x 200 x 230
External dimensions (mm - h x w x d)  495 x 420 x 490
Chamber capacity (l)  8
Maximum power (kW) 1.8
Power to holding temperature (kW) 0.85
Phase Single
Net weight (kg) 19


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