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The WELLAND series of ovens and incubators has been designed and engineered using the latest computer aided design systems to facilitate production of all metal components on the latest CNC controlled production equipment.

Both gravity convection and forced air circulation models are included in the Welland series. The bench mounted models are available in four sizes with a maximum operating temperature of 300°C. Incubators have a maximum temperature of 80°C. All models are constructed for long term reliability.

Depending on the choice of control systems, they can perform simple drying processes or more complex and demanding heat treatment processes and long term stability testing of materials or components.

Insulation around the oven chamber utilises totally encased fibre insulation. This material has a very low thermal mass and thermal conductivity, ensuring very efficient insulation. This also ensures reduced holding power, making the units economical to operate once set temperature has been achieved. A flush fitting door latch with a concealed mechanism is both simple to use and provides a handle when unlatched. The door seal design includes a new silicone compound, providing longer life and durability at maximum temperature.

All units meet the relevant UK and European health and safety at work legislation and the performance criteria of BS 2648 & DIN 50-011. THey are manufactured to comply with BS EN 61010 : Safety Standard and also the low voltage and EMC European Directives.

The outer cases are fabricated from corrosion resistance zinc coated steel and finisnhed in a hard wearing coating. All units are provided with non-tilt bright nickel wire plated shelves with multi-position settings. The chamber and exhaust vent are easily adjustable from the front control panel. The control module is able to house many variations of digital instrumentation. 




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